TODAY'S PRINT PRICES: April 12, 2021

  • 250k
  • 225k
  • 200k
  • 175k
  • 150k
  • 125k
  • 100k
  • 75k
  • 50k
  • 25k
6.0 cents/ea
25,000Total Price: $1,450
  • 500k
  • 450k
  • 400k
  • 350k
  • 300k
  • 250k
  • 200k
  • 150k
  • 100k
  • 50k
4.3 cents/ea
50,000Total Price: $2,400
  • 1m
  • 900k
  • 800k
  • 700k
  • 600k
  • 500k
  • 400k
  • 300k
  • 200k
  • 100k
4.1 cents/ea
100,000Total Price: $3,900
  • 11”x17”
  • 70lb Gloss Stock
  • Full Color (4/4)
  • Folding

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Our Unbeatable Price Gets You:

  • 25k, 50k or 100k 11”x17” Flyers/Menus
  • Printed on high quality 70lb Gloss Stock
  • Full Color Printing on Both Sides
  • Your Choice of Single Fold, Double Fold or Coupon Fold

We specialize in restaurant menus and flyers at the best prices

With over 50 years combined experience in the print and marketing industry, our team knows what products work and what doesn't. Working with hundreds of restaurants, from single-unit fine-dining to franchise systems with hundreds of locations, we have gathered statistical research which shows the ideal size for maximum ROI in print is the 11"x17" double-fold menu

Indeed, this is the most popular choice for restaurants for a reason!

With plenty of room for an extended menu or simply filled with mouth-watering images to generate appetite-appeal, this format has been proven time and again to generate the most sales compared to other sizes. This size is perfect for direct mailing and is accepted by all major North American postal systems for commercial delivery. It's also one of the most economical sizes to print at scale, which means significant savings once you reach a high-volume threshold.

That's why we only print this one size - because it's simply the best bang for your buck! Stretch that buck even further by joining one of our Group Runs and watch your marketing expenses drop day-by-day!

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  1. 1 Fill out the reservation form or speak to one of our agents to confirm your spot on our next run.
  2. 2 Lock-in your rate as the maximum that you will pay. Your rate will decrease as we add more reservations to your run!
  3. 3 Place a deposit.
  4. 4 Upload your artwork to our servers. If you don't have print-ready artwork, our design team can help you with it!
  5. 5 We print a giant run and ship you your menus and flyers via one of our shipping partners.
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The simple way to save big on your print

The more print you buy, the cheaper the cost per-piece becomes!

Seems simple, but for most buyers the quantities required to see a significant savings makes the job too big! Using a printer that specializes in group runs like lets you take advantage of the high volume runs while still allowing you to print the quantity you require.

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Use the schedule below to time your print orders. Once a print run closes, all artwork needs to be uploaded, reviewed and approved by the approval date. The run then goes to press and you order should drive within 5 working days.

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Agency-quality design now available for your brand!

If you don't have a menu ready to go, our in-house design team can help you take a concept to finished product in no time at all! Whether its a new menu from scratch or simply updating an existing menu with new information, our professional designers will work with you every step of the way until you're satisfied. Our design fee is a flat $300 which gives you 10 hours of professional design.

View some of our work below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions get asked of us more often than others, so we've compiled them all in a list here to make it easy for you to get your questions answered:

  1. Can I order different quantities other than 25K, 50K or 100K?

    A. To qualify for the Group runs these are the only quantities. To save as much money for our customers as possible, these are the order quantities. Anything over 100K please contact us at 1-855-856-2208

  2. Are there different size options for the flyers?

    11"x17" is the only size currently being offered and is not only the most efficient size but is also the number one size that stands out to your customer when distributed. In the future, more sizes may be offered based on demand.

  3. Can my existing menu be resized to 11"x17"?

    Yes, your flyer can be resized for a fee.

  4. When will I know the final print price of my order?

    The final price of your print order will be confirmed by the first of each month. You will never pay more than your confirmed price.

  5. Does this pricing include shipping?

    Shipping is additional and is determined by your quantity, location and transportation type. Shipping cost will be confirmed by the 15th of each month.

  6. When will I know the final price of my order including shipping?

    A final invoice including shipping will be confirmed and sent by the 15th of each month.

  7. How long does it take to receive my flyers?

    Depending on your location, approximately 2-5 business days from published shipping date posted on the print schedule page of the website.

  8. What happens if I don't approve the flyer by the 14th of the month?

    Your order will be removed from the current group run and postponed to the following month's group run.

  9. Can I get a custom design or a brand new design for my Flyer?

    Yes, you can have a completely new design for your flyer for $500 including 2 proofs.

  10. If I do not have my menu or flyer text in a digital format what can I do?

    Simply send in a copy of your flyer and it will be retyped for a fee of $85.

  11. What file types do you accept for printing?

    Printing requires the final art be submitted to us as a 300dpi Adobe PDF document.

  12. What if I decide to cancel my order?

    The rates are based on total commitments in order to offer these prices. All Deposits are non-refundable and if you can cancel the order the deposit will be forfeited.

  13. What are my payment options?

    A. You can submit payments via Visa, MasterCard or direct bank deposit.

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